This is Johan

Johan is a graphic designer from Bollnäs, Sweden, who have spent the last decade trying out various roles within the design field. He studied visual effects for film and has since then worked for a nationwide media group, one of Swedens leading window manufacturers and most recently at a small design agency in his hometown.

“Johans strength isn’t only his sense of humor”

Johans strength isn’t only his sense of humor and ability to laugh at his own jokes, but also his broad knowledge when it comes to designing for different mediums. He has a lot of experience in working with everything from editorial design, brochures and traditional media to digital design such as motion graphics, 3D rendering and designing user interfaces. All of this while also handling project management. He likes being a design generalist and enjoys the variety of work that it entails.

Outside of work Johan likes to spend time in nature. He is an amateur photographer and enjoys activities such as hiking, playing disc golf or just having a good fika in the sun. Probably while daydreaming about having his own chickens one day.

To learn more about Johans previous experience you will find his full resume here. If you want to know what he’s up to right now, just send him an email.

And even though he wrote all this about himself he was most likely imagining it being read in the voice of Sir David Attenborough.

Photographer: Pontus Orre